What’s bigger than a fish?

2 years, 3 months, 22 days old

They’re hasn’t been an overall theme in how Arwen’s been talking this week, other than she’s been doing a lot of it. As we headed towards the library on Friday, she saw a tree with lots of big apples on it, and I didn’t get a word in edgeways as she very excitedly told me to “Look at those apples. They on a tree. They very pretty. Look at size of they!” I’ve never heard her say so much in one go, but to be fair, they were quite impressive apples. In fact, she’s been talking so much recently that a lady stopped us in Tesco on Friday and said how lovely it was to hear a little one chatting so much, and gave her 50p for some sweets. Nobody’s ever given me 50p for sweets just for talking about some cardboard on the floor, but hey ho.

There have been a few lovely phrases this week when Arwen’s meaning has been clear, but her wording slightly strange. She yawned on Thursday then told me “I did a big yawn in my mouth” just in case I wasn’t sure where exactly yawns come from. Later that day, she asked me for help putting her shoes on because “I quite struggling.” She’s got some phrases down perfectly though. Today while having a rest from riding our bikes round Delamere Forest, Daddy finished a can of Coke, then jokingly threw it on the floor. Arwen looked at him scandalised and told him very forcefully to “Put it in the bin!” She obviously forgave him for his bad behaviour though, as later on he was struggling with something I didn’t quite catch, and I heard Arwen tell him “Don’t worry, I sort you out!”

Unsurprisingly, many of our conversations have continued to be about poo. Arwen sat playing with her toys on Wednesday, when I heard the dreaded phrase “I pooped.” I asked her to clarify whether or not she had actually pooped before I stopped the washing up to deal with some imaginary poo, only to be given the very vague “I probably pooped” as a response. As the probably turned out to be definitely, I took her upstairs to clean her up and was appalled by one of the worst smells I’ve ever encountered. I pointed out that it stunk, and Arwen was quick to absolve herself of responsibility for the smell, claiming “That my poo poo fault.” So nothing to do with her, obviously.

Arwen continues to love books, and was happily asking and answering questions as we read Lost and Found last night. As the (SPOILER ALERT!) boy and the penguin sail off at the end, the image shows some whales swimming beneath their boat, so Arwen pointed out the fishes. I told her they weren’t fishes, and knowing she knows about whales from other books, asked her what was bigger than fishes. She thought for a moment then said “Erm, Nana?”

And finally, I had a lovely bit of validation this week. Sometimes as a parent, it feels like your dedication and devotion isn’t appreciated at all. But a couple of days ago, I gave Arwen a big hug and told her I loved her very, very much. She hugged me back and gave me the life-affirming response “You alright too.”

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