What we do to our day?

2 years, 6 months, 22 days old

It’s been a good while since I wrote a blog, what with Christmas, New Year n all that. I’d say this is going to be a bumper edition, full of Christmas insights, but in reality, we were too busy enjoying ourselves to even think about a blog. So instead, you’ve got what I can remember. And I have to remember a lot every day because now, after we’ve turned her light out but before we say goodnight, Arwen asks “What we done to our day?” and we have to go through our day in painstaking detail. She especially likes to be clear about what she’s eaten. It’s important.

What’s also important to her is manners and doing things right. When visiting relatives recently, she heard someone call into the kitchen with a “I’ll have a cup of coffee” and responded immediately with “Say please!” So maybe we are raising her right, after all. Though I’m a little unsure of what Daddy’s teaching her as she walked out of Tesco with him a couple of weeks ago and shouted at the top of her voice “You didn’t pay!” He had, but it’s always nice to be accused of shoplifting by a toddler.

Arwen’s now a big fan of pointing things out to you – she’s interested in the world around her, and wants you to be as well. So we make sure we always pay attention when she points something out. When we visited Delamere Forest recently, she was a little way behind us, and shouted “Hey everybody, come over here!” I dutifully did, and asked her what she could see. Her response? “Nothing!” Then she ran off, laughing. Though she definitely saw something later, when we walked past a pond covered in mist. We thought it was quite eerie, but Arwen decided that she thought “It dark and ghostly.” We have no idea where that came from.

But to the important stuff: Christmas. Being two and a half, this was the first Christmas when Arwen was aware of Father Christmas, so we made a big deal of it and went to see him with her. She asked for a bike, an idea we’d been not too subtly pushing her towards for a couple of months. On Christmas morning, she came downstairs and saw a large, appallingly wrapped, parcel next to the tree. She started unwrapping it and when we asked what it was, all she could say was “My bike!” over and over in a delighted tone. It was just beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, Arwen has properly started telling us that she loves us recently, and suddenly finds it really funny to say “I love you too too too!” We’ve no idea where that came from, but she said it to me as I was reading her bedtime story a couple of weeks ago, then giggled to herself and added “I love you three three three!” And now she can love you any number between one and ten. Though it’s always disappointing when she loves you one one one.

And finally, Daddy did something daft the other day (I don’t remember what, but it’s not a rare occurrence) and I said “Daddy’s silly, isn’t he? What’s Daddy?” I fully expected her to say “Silly” in response, but instead I got the rather brilliant “He a div.”

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