What that called?

2 years, 4 months, 0 day old

Ok, so we’re not at the “why” stage yet, but I think we may be on the brink of it as Arwen is all about questions at the minute. Her main ones are “What that called?” and “What that smell like?” Both seem like sensible questions, but it’s difficult to answer “What big park called?” with anything but “Erm, just the big park”, or “What little park called?” with anything but “Erm, the little park?” And “What that smell like?” can usually be answered quite easily (though Arwen often corrects whatever smell you’ve correctly identified to “No, smell like poo poo”) but when she asks”What that smell like in my mouth?” when eating a rice cake, that one’s a bit trickier.

And speaking of rice cakes, we keep a bag in the car in case she wants a snack when we’re driving, and Arwen has always called them “crisps”. Until about three weeks ago, when she inexplicably began calling them “criff-ebs”. Nope, I’ve no idea either. As a child who very much takes after her mother, lots of her conversations are about food: what we’re eating now, what we’re going to eat, and what we’ve eaten in the past. It’s the last one that she gets hung up on though, as shown on Wednesday, when she suddenly started talking about what we’d done the Sunday previously. Her reminiscence went like this: “We go out on our bikes. No have ice cream. Just only dinner.” I don’t think she’ll ever forgive us for making her eat homemade sandwiches when there was clearly ice cream on sale nearby. She’s been talking a lot about things she’s previously done recently, and last week pointed at a park we were driving past that she’d been to the week before and said “That park. I used to be on that.” It’s such a strange construction for her to come up with, and oddly wistful.

But maybe it was just copying off us. She’s certainly copied me a few times this week, glancing around the bathroom during her bath on Saturday night and exclaiming “Oh my god, look at all this mess!” in her best exasperated Mum tone. She also knocked over her keyboard on Friday and shouted “Oh my god, it incredible that!” I think I maybe say “Oh my god” too much. She definitely doesn’t get all her phrases from us though. I can categorically state that I’ve never refused to continue eating an apple because “It quite bit stiff” or proclaimed “I’m a grown up girl!” at every opportunity. Though when she was sitting next to Daddy yesterday morning and said “You farted. I sit with Mummy”, it’s likely she’s heard me chastise him for exactly the same thing.

What has been nice this week is that for all the tellings off I get from Arwen pretty much all the time, it turns out she sometimes actually wants to spend some time with me by choice. On Thursday we’d been making Mr Potato Heads and when we’d finished, I told her I needed to go and wash up. Arwen looked at me imploringly and said “No, stay here in my world!” And I did. It was much more fun. She also made my heart melt on Friday when we were in the car and she wanted her playlist on. Unfortunately I couldn’t plug my phone in as I was driving, so we had to sing her favourite songs instead. We got all the way through Let It Go with no problems, followed by Get Back Up Again (her favourite from Trolls.) She then asked me to sing the song from How to Train Your Dragon. I told her I didn’t know the words, so I couldn’t do it. Arwen told me “You can do it. You best dragon Mummy, like a blue dragon.” I’m pretty sure that’s the greatest compliment I’ll ever get in my life.

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