What does a shark say?

2 years, 1 month, 20 days old

This has been a week of discussions about toys. Firstly, there’s been a lot of concern about any ball Arwen plays with in case Nana’s dog pops it, as he did once, with one ball, bloody months ago. Now every time Arwen plays with a ball, she looks concerned and says “Barney might be pop it”, whether we’re anywhere near Nana’s house or not. Then on Wednesday morning, Arwen put her Chewbacca teddy on her rocking horse, and he promptly fell off, leading her to shout “Chewie fall down!” When I asked whether Chewie had fallen off the horse, Arwen gave him a look of real disappointment, shook her head and said “Oh Chewie.” I think he knows he’s got done as he’s stayed firmly in the saddle since. Arwen’s also been fascinated by her Peter Rabbit jigsaw this week, repeatedly showing me the piece showing Peter jumping into a watering can and exclaiming “Peter Rabbit soaking wet!” with an expression of real concern. He’s not always so foolhardy though. On another piece, “Peter Rabbit got coat on. Keep rain off.” So that’s good. There’s also been Play-Doh this week. As Arwen was playing with it with Daddy, she took the time when she should have been going to sleep as the perfect opportunity to explain to me exactly what she’d been making with it. It started well, but then got slightly concerning. “Arwen play Play-Doh. Arwen make man. Arwen hug man. Arwen take off man foot.” I don’t really know how to react to that.

Language paragraph alert! Last Sunday night, I put Arwen on the loo as she obviously couldn’t go to sleep until she’d sat there for five minutes doing nothing but chatting. At one point, there was a small noise and I asked what it was. She told me “Arwen burp.” Then there was a short pause and “Arwen burped.” She’s been working on past tenses for a while now, and unfortunately it’s not really something you notice when she’s doing it right. But when she actually stops to correct herself, you realise how much thought she’s putting into making her language more precise, and it’s really amazing.

So we’re still working on potty training at the minute, with the promise of stickers as rewards for using the loo. Which means that when I went to the loo on Friday morning, I heard a voice from upstairs shout “Mummy massive wee. Mummy get sticker.” I was awfully proud. And pretty impressed by her hearing.

After spending a lot of time being incredibly smug about how easily she goes to bed, we’ve now found that bedtimes have become a lot longer and more tedious since Arwen has stopped having a dummy. Now we have to deal with tired tantrums. On Thursday, she shouted at Daddy who was trying to get her pyjamas on her and lashed out. After being told to apologise, her response wasn’t an apology, but a simple and honest “Arwen bit knackered.” When I tried to get her to settle later that night by offering to get in bed with her, I was met with a blunt and rather soul destroying “Mummy too big.”

And finally, a couple of random points that don’t really fit into any paragraphs here, but have made me laugh this week. Walking through Wigan on Friday afternoon, we walked near a chippy (actually we walked near loads of them. It’s a town in the north west and it was dinner time) and without actually seeing the chippy, Arwen stopped with her nose in the air like a kid from a Bisto advert and shouted “Sausage! Chips!” She’s reet northern, that girl. And animal noises. Arwen’s learnt loads, and they’re the usual: moo, quack, woof etc., but ask her what a shark says, and I’m pleased to say you’ll get the earnest response of “Duuun dun. Duuun dun.” Amazing. Oh, and she’s currently upstairs with Daddy attempting to get her into bed, and I’ve just heard her shout the phrase “Arwen pull me boobs!” I have no idea.

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