Smells like what??

2 years, 4 months, 6 days old

This blog is going to be shorter than most for one very simple reason: I am an idiot. Throughout the week, as Arwen says things that make me laugh, I jot them down on my phone, then on Sunday nights, I go through what I’ve written and attempt to piece together something remotely amusing. Yesterday though, I dropped my phone in the sink, so now it’s totally dead and all those notes have gone.

Anyway, perhaps the biggest thing this week is that Arwen used the “w” word. And I don’t mean wanker, though she does use that when pointing to pictures of anchors in books and I swear on my life that is all her and has nothing to do with us. No, she used the far worse “w” word. The one that all parents dread. On Wednesday, she asked me “why?” Twice. She hasn’t done it since, but I know it’s only a matter of time until I spend all my time trying to explain why the sky is blue, why poo smells like poo and why the new kittens on our estate can climb onto our garage roof but not down off it again. Once that hits, I think I’ll decide that being a stay at home mum isn’t for me any more.

I did have one brilliant conversation with Arwen this week that I can remember, though it’s highly unlikely she can. A couple of nights ago, I went in to check on her before I went to bed. She’s usually deeply asleep when I do that, but this time, as I walked in she said “On the floor.” I thought she’d maybe dropped one of her teddies and couldn’t find it, so asked what was on the floor. She replied “Kiss on the floor” followed by a really strange noise. I asked her what was the matter and got the entirely relevant response of “Yes.” So that cleared that up.

But the prize for creepiest thing she’s hopefully ever going to say in her life goes to our visit to Nana’s house on Wednesday, when Arwen, as usual, wanted me to smell all the flowers in Nana’s garden, while asking what they smell like. She pointed to one and said “Mummy smell that.” I dutifully did, and Arwen told me “That smell like flowers.” We then had the same conversation for the next four flowers in the garden (some of which were actually leaves not flowers, given that it’s late October.) She came to the last one and asked me to smell it. I did, then Arwen declared “That smell like blood.” I have no idea how to react to that, so I’m just going to leave you with it.

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