Rain Heads

2 years, 5 months, 17 days old

This week Daddy has been off work, so we’ve had a week of days out and tantrums as Arwen’s usual sleep patterns have been disrupted. She’s wanted to go home everywhere we’ve been, and wanted us to “put my songs on” every other second. Wherever we are. We didn’t put her songs on at Lyme Park on Friday, which was very offensive to her. We tried to explain that we couldn’t actually put the music that she listens to at home or in the car on while we wandered around a stately home, but this did nothing to alleviate her anger. Two year olds. They’re great fun. And when you do put her songs on, you get told off. I was singing along to a song from How To Train Your Dragon 2 in the car and got told “Don’t sing it Mummy! I just dance.” Quite how my singing got in the way of her dancing, I’m not sure.

But it’s not all been tantrums, she’s also been very concerned about me this week. When the three of us went to walk over some stepping stones when out for a walk on Thursday, Arwen and Daddy did it, then she turned to me and said “Be careful Mummy. Just you be very careful.” Clearly I don’t look steady on my feet. She also showed real love for me later the same day when she hugged me and said “I love you Mummy.” Followed immediately with “I want your phone.”

But despite the tantrums and the emotional blackmail she’s still been, as always, great fun to be around. When she walked off into another room a couple of days ago, I shouted to ask what she was doing after that worrying period of silence when you know a toddler could have destroyed the house, and got a clear “Just messing.” So that made me feel better. My favourite thing this week though has been when we were playing a game in her playroom and Arwen heard the rain outside. She held a box over her head to shelter herself from it and passed one to me to do the same. Daddy walked in and asked what we were doing, to which he got the response “We got rain heads.” And it’s beautiful little phrases like those that make the tantrums bearable. Just.

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