Playing Bubbles

2 years, 3 months, 1 day old

There wasn’t a blog last week as I’ve had a bug and felt rough since last Saturday. And Arwen’s had a cold for most of that time. It hasn’t been the best of weeks. It’s also involved watching far more telly than normal. When I asked Arwen whether we should watch something while I sat and felt sorry for myself on Monday, she gave the response I expected: “Watch Danger Mouse.” But then she was concerned about what she’d asked for, and made sure she added “And Penfold!” Well, it isn’t the same without him, is it? On Tuesday, we watched Harry Potter while I sat and felt sorry for myself, and Arwen was fascinated by one scene in particular, shouting “They flying!” Hoping to instruct her in the Potterverse, I pointed out that they were in fact playing quidditch. But I obviously don’t know as much as I thought, as Arwen looked at me as though I was an idiot and said “They playing bubbles.” So that’s that.

Being a bit under the weather has also meant Arwen’s learnt new phrases to describe what’s wrong. When she got up one morning this week, she told me “My got water on my back”, which it turns out meant she was sweaty, and she looked horrified and shouted “My eye dripping!” when her eyes were watering. Happily it’s not all been doom and gloom, though. We had the radio on in the car a couple of days ago, and Arwen announced “My like this song. It really good. It cool.” And what was said song, that elicited such a gushing response? The Jeremy Vine Show jingle.

Arwen’s working on becoming more and more independent now, which is great to see, though mildly infuriating when it means I can no longer plonk her on the toilet and expect her to sit there while I brush her teeth, comb her hair and wash her face. Because now she can get down by herself, a fact she pointed out proudly the other day. The conversation went thus:

A: My got down myself.

Me: Wow, did you?

A: Yeah. It terrible high.

Though she enjoys being older and more capable, she’s also still very much aware of her age when she can use it to her advantage. Last weekend, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry, and Arwen wanted to try an experiment her 10 year old cousin had been waiting to do, which led to a bit of a huff. As we explained that at her age, Arwen doesn’t understand the concept of queuing yet and didn’t mean to push in, she looked at her cousin and shouted indignantly “My only two!” which kind of suggested that she knew exactly what she was doing…

As ever, she’s continuing to copy phrases, and it’s always strange to hear something that sounds quite grown up coming from her. Like yesterday, when we were waiting for Daddy in the car park at The Range (I should have known not to let him go in by himself. Arwen is now the proud owner of some Minion glasses) and Arwen said “Come on Daddy. Get a move on.” I’m not sure where that one came from, but I think we can all agree that the classic “Mummy like a bellend” a couple of nights ago didn’t come from me. But as well as being like a bellend, I’m also apparently a “good boy”. When I pointed out that I am, in fact, a girl, Arwen thought for a second and said “Mummy good girl. Like me.” Which would be nicer had it not come shortly after her wafting a teddy between her legs and shouting “My doing lotsa lotsa tumps!”

But my favourite thing from the last fortnight came last week when we’d just got in the car and the cat jumped on the roof and sat down. Arwen looked up at the sunroof, through which she could see that cat, and said “There cat.” I looked up and Arwen, realising she wanted to explain exactly what I was looking at, clarified with “There cat bum crack.” Which was nice.

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