Parties and Potties

1 year, 11 months, 26 days old

Yesterday Arwen has had her birthday party, as she’s going to be two on Friday. I can’t believe she’s actually nearly two years old, but I also feel like she’s always been here. Surely it’s always been the three of us? It’s useful that she is here, I mean, before she was here, how would I have known if Daddy bought himself a cheeky coffee and didn’t get Mummy one without Arwen telling me as I got in the car “Daddy coffee. Latte.” and replying when I asked whether she meant Daddy had had a coffee “Daddy coffee bin”, just so I knew exactly what had happened to the evidence? He could have been having coffees all the time without my knowledge!

Anyway, this has been a week of parties, favourite food, and singalongs. I know the party was good as I asked her last night before bed whether she’d enjoyed her party, and Arwen replied “thank you.” I think my heart actually melted at that point. In terms of favourite food, she’s become such a fan of my (admittedly excellent) spaghetti, that if you ask what she wants for her tea, Arwen’s reply is now without fail “getty carninara.” And as for singalongs, we had the radio on in the car on the way home today, and Wonderwall was playing. I started singing along as it’s impossible not to when that song comes on, and heard a voice from the back shout “Arwen join in. Dee dee dee dee dee” while she swung her legs happily to nothing even remotely resembling the beat of Wonderwall, but looked pleased with herself nonetheless.

This has also been the week we have begun the dreaded potty training in earnest. Arwen now has a sticker reward chart on the bathroom door and is learning that if she uses the toilet she gets a sticker. And everyone knows that stickers are the very best thing in the world when you’re nearly two. So much so that Arwen has become obsessed and can think of nothing else. In fact, she did an extra forceful wee on the toilet the other night, which somehow managed to go all over my arm and leg, and the first thing she did was point to my urine-soaked self and ask “sticker for that?” However, not everyone is allowed to use the toilet. When Daddy mentioned needing it the other day, Arwen’s reply was “naughty”. Maybe she thinks he’s trying to steal her stickers. Potty training has also led her to become more sneaky than normal. On Tuesday, whenever she thought I was ignoring her while I did boring things like washing the dishes or brushing the floor, she quickly realised that all she needed to do was shout “wee wee floor!” and I’d come running. She’d then look very put out when I asked her if she needed or had done a wee. She just wanted to make sure I hadn’t forgotten her.

We’ve had some great innovations language-wise from Arwen this week, and the occasional slip. She loves to point out motorbikes when they go past, while commenting on them being “noisy”. When a particularly noisy car drove past us this week, she watched it, thought for a second and declared that it must be a “motorbike car.” So that was a good thing. The not so good came when she was drawing with a friend of ours, Lindsey. Arwen drew a blue blob, and when asked what it was, she replied “cat.” Lindsey then asked her what the cat was called (a little unfair, as we only ever call her “cat”) and got the response “bugger off.” We’re not sure whether that’s the cat’s name, or a way of commenting on the unfairness of the question.

And in the outside world, this has of course been general election week. Just in case Daddy or I were unsure of who to vote for, Arwen steered us clear, as you can see.

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