Nudey bum!

2 years, 7 months, 13 days old

This week, Arwen had her first trip to London, which she pronounces in exactly the same way as the narrator on Danger Mouse (if you haven’t seen the reboot of DM you really should – it’s amazing.) It meant that she learnt the phrase “Mind the gap!” and kept shouting “Nudey bum!” every time she saw one in a painting in the National Gallery. Quick fact for you – there are lots of nudey bums in the National Gallery.

She’s had quite a few conversations about food this week (well, she is her mother’s daughter) and looked really surprised on Wednesday while eating her afters. I’m assuming the yogurt she had must have been particularly cold in order for her to feel it going down, as she swallowed a spoonful, put her head to one side, furrowed her brow and announced “Some yogurt go in my tummy” as though that had never happened to her before. It’s not just food she eats though. Anyone who’s ever spent time around a small child could tell you exactly what she meant when on Friday she said “I eat my nose.” Kids are gross.

But they’re also funny in the way they describe things. While she’s obviously confident on her feet, there are times when the floor is slippy and she falters. Which has led to her new phrase: “It a bit fally.” The floor in the swimming baths is fally, as is the laminate floor at home when she’s only wearing socks. And her bike is a bit fally, but that just needs practise. She’s also got a great phrase that she’s been saying for months, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned here. When it’s raining, I obviously say we need to put our hoods up, but Arwen obviously misunderstood what I was saying at some point, and for months now, whenever it rains, she tells you that we need to “Put our hoodyups on.”

As ever, Daddy has been the best this week, but I must have been in her good books on Saturday when she grabbed me by my cheeks, put her face right up to mine and told me “You a cutie little cutie, Mummy.” I’ve certainly never been called that before.

But Daddy obviously became favourite again very quickly, especially as he made a big house out of duplo yesterday. However, she wasn’t quite as enamoured with the house as you might have expected. She picked up her Mickey Mouse duplo figure and took it over to the house, explaining that “I poo on Daddy’s house.” Then she walked Mickey across the roof saying “I awake now. I walking on this pooey house.” Delightful.

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