Mummy Smell That

2 years, 5 months, 3 days old

You may already be aware of this, but Arwen is a child who knows her own mind. And is vocal about it. On Wednesday, Nana took Arwen to Tumble Tots as usual, and as usual, Arwen went into the adjoining library afterwards to have a look at the books. When Nana told her it was time to leave, Arwen didn’t want to go. So when Nana took her hand to lead her out, Arwen’s response was a very forceful “Don’t you touch me!” As someone who grew up in a house with Nana, I can tell you now without having to ask that Arwen did not win that argument.

Earlier this afternoon, she decided she wanted to watch the video for Let It Go on YouTube. You know, the one that’s had 1.2 billion views (that’s not an exaggeration, by the way, that’s the actual number, and at least a third of them have been from our IP address.) Anyway, she said she wanted to watch it, then helpfully handed Daddy the mouse and said “Here the mote control for you.” So he had no excuse. She’s also wanted to play games a lot recently, especially since we bought Shopping List to take on holiday with us, a memory game where you have to turn over tiles and match the items on them to what’s on your shopping list. It’s a nice game to play together, but made less so when you catch your two and half year old daughter hiding tiles that she knows you need under the settee or putting them back in the box saying “I put your one away, Mummy.” She’s also a big fan of “distract Mummy” when she or anybody else is turning over a piece I might want on my next go. Not distract Daddy or distract Nana, just distract Mummy. Which is fun.

I get singled out for a lot, it seems. I thought it was because I was so individual, but it turns out this afternoon that that’s not the case. We were in the car and Arwen said “That you Mummy.” I looked around to see which pretty, slim 21 year old she must be pointing at, and there was nobody around. It took me a while to realise she was talking about the voice on the radio. Apparently I sound so like Sally Traffic from Radio 2, that Arwen thinks it’s me talking. If I really was Sally Traffic, I bet I’d have known not to attempt Winwick Road at noon on a Sunday.

But it’s not all been about being the victim of cheating or being mistaken for traffic announcers this week. I’ve also had Arwen sharing things with me. Including smells. She’s a fan of asking what smells are, and on Friday we had this delightful conversation:

A: What that smell like?
Me: What does what smell like?
A: Mummy smell that.
Me: *sniffing* Arwen have you done a poo?
A: No, I did a trump.

Motherhood. It’s just magical.

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