Mother Knows Best

1 year, 9 months, 11 days old

We’re running a day late because yesterday was Mother’s Day, and a mum can’t be expected to work on Mother’s Day, can she? Mother’s Day also allowed Arwen to learn a new word: “presents”. And she enjoyed opening them too.

This week Arwen has finally been getting the hang of politeness markers. We finally now get a “ta”, or if we’re really lucky, a “hankoo” when we pass her anything, and she’s figuring out how to use the word “sorry”. Until recently, if she smacks you in the face, as toddlers often do, once she realises she’s done wrong, she’ll just give you a hug and expect that to make up for it. Now she’s leaning to give you a hug and say “sorry”, which is good. She also came into the kitchen as I was opening the freezer door the other morning and nearly walked into it, so said “sorry” to the door. It’s a work in progress.

Her excitement for the “libee” [library] happily shows no signs of slowing down. This morning when I woke her up, her first word, as it has often been recently, was a hopeful “park?” When I replied that no, we were going to the library instead, her response was “libee. Books. Come in. Ooh, libee” so I think that means she wanted to go. She also then realised that going to the library meant “songs!” and proceeded to list all the songs she wanted to sing, including “pirates”, a song she was very excited for as she loves doing the actions, especially the jumping, but when we got there and went to sing it she decided to simply sit on a chair and sway.

Arwen’s toilet based conversations continue to be so entertaining you can’t help but laugh, even if she’s managed to wee on you (and when I say “you” I mean me, obviously.) My two favourites this week were:

Me: Have you finished?

A: No, poo.

Me: Are you having a poo?

A: Spider.

You’ve got to love the fact that in Arwen’s head, this exchange probably made perfect sense. The other favourite was:

A: Tump.

Me: Yep, you just trumped.

A: *waves hand in front of nose* Smelly.

And it was. Though I had no idea she knew the word smelly. She also knows “noisy”, which she likes to yell down my ear when she’s in her carrier and a truck drives past.

And lastly, I’ve mentioned before that Arwen loves books, as do I, and we love reading them together. Some books we’ve read so often she can join in throughout and we never get tired of reading them, like Room on the Broom and I Need a Wee. But there’s one book that Mummy and Daddy have read so often we’ve learnt to hate. You’d think a mother of a toddler who very much knows her own mind would love Mother Knows Best, but it’s Arwen who loves it, not Mummy. And of all the reasons it drives me mad (it’s really long, it’s not funny, Arwen always wants to read it when I want to read something, anything else) the worst one now is that it’s taught Arwen the dreaded w word. The one that all parents fear. The word that makes anyone who spends time around toddlers want to rip their own ears off and feed them to the dog just so they don’t have to hear it again. There is no word more terrifying coming from the mouths of babes than why. And now when Arwen wants to read Mother Knows Best, she says “Mum. Best. Why.” And I die a little inside.

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