Love peoples

2 years, 1 month, 7 days old

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written one of these! For anyone who didn’t know, I’ve been busily examining GCSE English Language papers, so haven’t had time for fun things like blogs. But I can now happily say that I’ve finished, and have learnt, after marking a few hundred papers, that Arwen’s language is at least as well developed as many sixteen year olds’.

So Arwen’s been chatting away for the past few weeks and has particularly been working on the language used for playing and pretending. A few weeks ago, she ran off with a ruler, and when I asked what she was up to, I got the answer that she was “doing measures”. She’s also learnt how to play tick (cue loads of people telling me it’s called tig, or tag or whatever) and the importance of playing by the rules when engaging in games. Hence Daddy being reprimanded with a very cross “Bad Daddy!!!” when he squirted Arwen with the hosepipe, despite her clearly being on base. She’s also getting good at playing pretend games, using her new tea set to pour “a cuppa tea” and serve it with “a slice a cake”. She’s also started moving the pretend into the real world, too. When she dropped some of her dinner on her chair, I jokingly asked her where the food came from, and she adamantly claimed that “Nana drop it.” Nana wasn’t there at the time, yet Arwen was most displeased when I challenged her assertion.

She’s also very much copying us at the moment. She was playing on our bed recently and as she slid off, she asked loudly “Where you going, Arwen?” Funnily enough, she didn’t get an answer. A couple of days later, she was playing in the living room while I was in the kitchen, and I heard the words “Naughty girl. Stop it Arwen.” Obviously I immediately came running, but I’ve no idea what she was doing that was so naughty. I worry that the truth will out one day when I’m least expecting it. She’s also obsessed with being “wrong way” or “side down” or “too tight” or many other variations on the theme when she doesn’t want to go to sleep. I heard an exasperated Daddy a couple of weeks ago responding to “Wrong way!” with an exhausted sounding “What’s the wrong way?” To which he got the eminently reasonable answer “left”. Though once we leave her to her own devices in bed, it’s lovely to hear her chatting away over the monitor. We’re not sure whether she’s talking to herself or her teddies during these pre-sleep monologues (check me out – I may not be teaching any more, but I’ve not lost the lingo!) but she certainly seems to enjoy them, even if some nights they consist entirely of “I not scared say Gruffalo child” over and over again.

She’s clearly learning a lot from what she reads, as every walk we go on now turns into a bear hunt “Going to catch big one. What beautiful day. We not scared!” or a search for a Gruffalo “purple pickles all over back!” She also demanded to wear a cardie recently despite it being a warm day, then pulled the hood up, grinned and proudly said “Like Noi” as we’d read The Storm Whale an hour earlier and she wanted to look like the main character. But my favourite book related line recently has been from “Sam-ee-am”, also known as Green Eggs and Ham. Throughout the book, the main character gets very frustrated with Sam-I-Am and just wants to be left alone. Arwen can very much relate to the wanting some peace, as when Nana told her to put her shoes on last week, Arwen’s response was to quote “You let me be!”

But the saddest thing these past few weeks has been my increasingly desperate attempts to get Arwen to tell me that she loves me as well as Daddy, her clear favourite. Today I just went right out and asked for validation.

Me: I love you. Do you love Mummy?

A: Love Daddy.

Me: Ok, but do you love Mummy?

A: Love Nana. Love Barney [Nana’s dog]. Love Auntie Eileen.

Me: Right. Do you love anyone else?

A: Love peoples.

Well, I guess I’m a peoples, so I’ll have to take what I get.

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