Lizzie, Mary, Kitty and Who?

1 year, 9 months, 23 days old

This week has marked a couple of little milestones. The most entertaining one is that Arwen appears to be using her imagination in her speech. And by that, I mean she’s using language to make things up. Yes, it’s laying the foundations for the parenting world of little white lies like claiming she’s brushed her teeth when she hasn’t or that Daddy gave her a proper meal and not just cornflakes for tea when Mummy was out, but they’re way down the line yet. The much more entertaining thing that it means is that she’s starting imaginative play. This all came about during a conversation that we had (on the toilet, obviously) the evening that we’d been into Warrington town centre and Arwen saw the sculpture of the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

A: Table.

Me: Who was sitting at the table?

A: Bunny. Mouse. Mad. Cups.

Me: Yes, they had cups. What were they drinking? (Assuming she’d say tea as we’d previously mentioned the teapot)

A: Juice! *Laughs hysterically* Pates.

Me: Yes, they had plates in front of them so they could eat.

A: Jelly. YUMMY! *laughs hysterically again*

It’s been a few weeks since we last had jelly and Arwen’s never actually drunk juice, so this conversation came out of the blue. I love the fact that she was so amused every time she made up an answer.

She’s been adding to her list of words again this week, and it’s always entertaining when she makes up a word for something she doesn’t have the vocabulary for. On Friday morning, she watched me iron a shirt and kept saying “pfft” as an impression of the iron when you stand it up and it steams. As I hung one shirt up, she pointed at the other and told me to “pfft it”. It’s great that she’s now making up words to give me orders.

WARNING! Two paragraphs about specific language features follow. 

A big language step Arwen’s been making over the past few weeks is learning to use the present participle (words with _ing on the end). This means she’s starting to understand that she can use this form of the verb to specifically describe things happening right now. She’s tried out quite a few recently, including “running”, “jumping”, “throwing” and so as not to be too athletics-heavy in her vocab, “trumping”. Well, we wouldn’t want her to be so active she didn’t have time for farts, would we?

She’s also starting to really link words together properly now, making little exclamatives like “yay!”, but actually then clarifying what she’s excited about, like “yay a ball!” and “yay I done it!” For me, this seems like a step forward as she’s making sure you understand why she’s excited. Until recently, if she said more than two words at a time, there were big pauses between them that suggested she was just saying a few words as they came into her head. The fact that she can say three or four words at a time now that don’t include pauses between them and link together shows that she’s really starting to understand how grammar works, which is fantastic.

The one not so fantastic thing we’ve had this week has been her new response to any question she doesn’t know the answer to: “dick”. We genuinely have no idea where this has come from and I’ve racked my brains over and over to try to figure out what she might mean instead, but I’ve no idea. The best example of it came in the car today when she was looking at her Pride and Prejudice book. She got to the “Five sisters” page and said “Lizzie”, so I asked who the others are. Apparently they’re “Mary”, “Kitty” and “Dick”. I’m assuming she means Lydia rather than Jane. Because to be fair, Lydia really is a bit of a dick.

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