Lightning Who?

2 years, 4 months, 26 days old

There hasn’t been a blog for a couple of weeks because a fortnight ago we were on holiday in what Arwen adorably kept calling “our Scotland house” and last Sunday was Bonfire Night, when the call of brightly coloured explosives was far too great. Arwen enjoyed it, except “I no like big fireworks” she told us afterwards, despite staring enchanted at all the ones that went off.

We did have an issue the following day though, when I was awoken at 6am by her screaming for me (which never normally happens), and when I ran in and asked what was wrong, I was told in distressed tones “It all come out of my mouth!” And by that, she meant she’d been sick all over her bed. The poor love has been under the weather for most of the week after a horrible vomiting bug. Seeing her ill was awful, as was trying to get anything done while she told me at two minute intervals that “I no be sick.” The problem being that every time I heard the word “sick” I ran over to her with a bowl. I also found out that a toddler can never own too many pairs of pyjamas as we had to wash lots. Even her very favourite “Lightning The Queen” ones. We know he’s actually called Lightning McQueen, but she’s quite insistent.

She’s often very insistent, in fact. She was determined to wear her sandals a couple of days ago, despite the fact it was cold out and had been raining heavily the day before. When I told her she couldn’t wear the sandals, she threw them angrily to the floor and shouted “What my gonna wear then?!?” Erm wellies? She was also insistent on Thursday that she wanted to “watch something on the radiator” and was furious when I tried to explain the impossibility of that request. She’s very clear about what she does and doesn’t want. A while back, trying not to give her the option of saying no altogether and thinking I was being really clever, I asked her whether she wanted to go on the toilet or on the potty, figuring she had to answer with one of those options. I was wrong. She actually answered with “I don’t like those choices.” Which was fair.

Next week we have the health visitor coming out to check Arwen’s development as she’s nearly two and a half(!!!) and we have to fill in a questionnaire about her. I was reading it on Friday and one of the questions asks whether she can make 3-4 word sentences. As if on cue, Arwen, playing with her Halloween torch and projecting a huge image of a pumpkin on the ceiling, shouted “Wow, look at size of that, Mummy!” So it’ll be a tick in that box then. She wouldn’t get a tick if there were a keeping secrets box though. Wednesday was my birthday (feel free to send me a belated present) and because Arwen obviously chose and wrapped the presents herself with no help at all from Daddy, she spent the time between me being handed a present and me finishing unwrapping it attempting to tell me what was in it. The conversation went along the lines of:

A: Here you go Mummy. *passes me a present* It a little…

Me: NOOO! Don’t spoil the surprise!!!

And talking of surprises, she nearly jumped out of her skin today at Speke Hall when a plane flew over after taking off from Liverpool Airport, which is right nearby. Arwen jumped then announced “that plane flippin’ loud!” True dat.

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