Let It Go

2 years, 5 months, 10 days old

This has been a bit of a “wow” week. Everything has been “wow”. Nana and I took Arwen to the local garden centre on Wednesday, where she looked at every single Christmas tree, and expressed her delight in each one with an awestruck “wow”. Arwen’s first visit to the cinema yesterday also elicited a number of “wow”s. (Doesn’t the word “wow” start to look weird after a while?) The cinema trip was to watch Let It Go on the big screen. Not Frozen; Arwen hasn’t seen the film before, though has listened to the song and watched the video of the song many, many times, so in her mind, the film is called Let It Go. As is Elsa, the character who sings it. So to clarify, we went to watch Let It Go, in which Let It Go sings Let It Go. Everybody with me? Good.

She’s also continued to use normal phrases in strange contexts. Today, at her great aunt and uncle’s house, Arwen decided to run around the living room. I asked what she was doing, and she replied “I charging myself up.” Obviously. She also made an odd noise yesterday which was apparently snoring. I didn’t know that at the time, so when I asked her, I got the answer “I going to asleep.” If only she did that at 8 o’clock every night. As ever, she’s trying out new and exciting ways to not have to go to sleep. This week’s new one was to urgently call me back as I was leaving her bedroom after putting her to bed and tell me “You need a hug and a kiss.” It wasn’t that she needed it, it was that I did. She’s so thoughtful.

Arwen had her two-and-a-half year check with the health visitor on Tuesday, which happened at home. She was thankfully all smiles and showed off all her toys, even for once getting the colours right when she was asked what colour her cars were. Then she ran off into the conservatory and said she wanted me to play with her Lego with her. I said we’d do it soon, and the health visitor assured her that she’d be leaving soon so we could play. Arwen then shouted “I doing a poo Mummy!” (She was wearing a nappy, just to be clear.) I told her to tell me when she’d finished and that I’d then clean her up. A worried voice shouted back “Then we do Lego!” Life’s all about priorities when you’re nearly two-and-a-half.

She’s also put both Mummy and Daddy in their places this week. She’s recently decided to try out sucking her thumb, and on Monday while in the car with Daddy, he told her not to put her thumb in her mouth. He told her that’s what babies do (a way to make a big grown up two-and-a-half year old not want to do something.) It worked and she stopped. It worked a little too well though, as Daddy found out shortly afterwards when he started to bite his nails. “No Daddy. Babies do that!” Still, it could be worse for Daddy. This morning, he got Arwen up and she came into our bedroom to see me as I was still  in bed. She took one look at me, walked over to my cupboard and opened it. I was given a very clear indication that my just woken up look does not meet her exacting standards as the first thing she said to me this morning was “I get your hairbrush Mummy!”

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