It not fair!

2 years, 6 months, 29 days old

I usually post this blog on a Sunday, but as we’ve decided to make a return to our old Sunday-night-is-film-night routine, it’s more likely to appear on a Monday now. Which is good for this week, as Arwen’s been very vocal today. Unfortunately, one of her key phrases from today is likely to haunt us for years and years to come: “It not fair”. Surely she’s ten years too young for that?!? Though she is certainly looking to the future as she told me this morning “I gonna sing songs.” I asked her when she was going to do that, assuming she meant at the library as we were about to head off to Read and Rhyme Time, but instead got the rather forward-thinking “When I go to school.”

Happily though, she’s continuing with her politeness, even when refusing to do what you want her to. Last night when putting her to bed, I told her she needed to go to sleep. She said she didn’t want to. So I told her it was bedtime, so she should go to sleep. Her response was a very polite “No thank you.” Conversely, when I tried to get her ready to go out on Friday, she sat on her chair, put her head on a pillow and announced “I just have a little snooze.” Kids. Never sleeping when you want them to.

She also likes to express herself nice and clearly. Last night, I asked her whether she wanted to read The Storm Whale (usually a favourite), The Lion Inside or Guess How Much I Love You. Arwen put her head to one side, looked thoughtful and proclaimed “I don’t like those options.” But to be extra clear of her intent, she’s now adding adverbs. The potty training has been going so well that we’re now daring to venture outside without a nappy on. However, when I tried to put knickers rather than a nappy on her on Saturday, I was met with a solemn gaze and Arwen telling me “I no want knickers … seriously.” So that was me told.

I was also told this afternoon when Arwen pointed to two t-shirts and asked me “Which one you want?” I made the mistake of picking one at random to be met with a stern “No. That one mine. Which one do you like?” As there were only two on display, I felt the choice had been taken away from me somewhat.

And to be honest, this has been quite a tiresome week, as whenever Daddy has been home, it’s all been about him. I’ve lost track of the times I’ve heard “Not you Mummy. I want Daddy” over the past week or so. With that in mind, I was happy to hear her say something not so complimentary about Daddy this week when she told me “Daddy heavy.” I asked for clarification “Daddy’s heavy?” to which I got the lovely response of “Yeah. You as well, Mummy.” I was really hoping there was going to be something positive about me there, but it was not to be. Mind you, it’s not all great being Daddy. He’s currently sorting out her bedtime routine and I just heard him tell Arwen she had to go in the bath. Normally she’s more than happy for Daddy to give her a bath, but instead I just heard her indignantly reply “It not fair!!!” Which is hilarious when I’m not at the receiving end of it.

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