I Wonder

1 year, 10 months, 14 days old

This week has been a week of adjectives. Arwen has learnt the words “lovely”, “perfect” and “gorgeous” over the past few weeks, but she’s currently obsessed with them (and a little big-headed.) She put on a new t-shirt this week and immediately said “gorgeous!” and whenever she puts her sunglasses or her new baseball cap on (backwards, obv.) she loves to say “cool” and do a thumbs up. Well, an index fingers up, but we’re working on it. She’s not always got the right adjective for the right circumstance however. Yesterday she put a (thankfully empty) potty on her head and said “perfect!” My idea of perfection isn’t putting your head inside something you’ve previously shat in, but each to his or her own.

She’s also clearly working on her empathy at the moment, as shown on Friday when we were watching Stick Man and something dreadful happened to him (I can’t remember what exactly because he really isn’t a lucky stick) and Arwen’s reaction was to look shocked and say “Poor Stick Man!” Her understanding of emotions has been helped by her reading a kid’s version of Jane Austen’s Emma, which is all about emotions. She’s very clear on the fact that Miss Taylor is “happy”, Mr Elton is “angry” and Mr Woodhouse is “bored” for example, and she can do a good impression of each emotion. Though I always feel extra sorry for Harriet as Arwen’s take on her being “sad” with a bizarrely deep voice and an exaggerated rub of the eyes always seems mildly mocking.

One interesting thing she’s been doing for a while now is finding a way to draw your attention to something that she doesn’t know the name of, always involving pointing and saying “is”. Or “its”. Or “this”. Honestly, we’re not sure what the hell it is she says, but it always seems to work. And while her pronunciation has been improving hugely, there are still quite a few words she struggles with and we sort of hope she always does as they’re quite sweet. Our favourite is hello, which to Arwen is only one syllable: “hlo”. The way she gets that sound at the start makes me wonder whether she may actually be Welsh.

And speaking of wondering, that’s something Arwen’s being doing a lot lately. Because despite being mesmerised in a way that suggests it might actually have some form of witchcraft woven into the lyrics every time she hears Let It Go, or Get Back Up Again from Trolls, she’s got a new favourite song. She clearly has great taste in music as she’s a big fan of Rodriguez and her favourite song is I Wonder. She smiles whenever she hears it and has spent much of the week saying “I wonder” in a lovely little singsong voice. I’d love to know what she’s wondering. Probably where all her Easter eggs have gone…

Another favourite phrase she’s come out with this week was when she was having breakfast yesterday. It being the weekend, we’d treated ourselves to bacon and sausage butties, which Arwen loves. She struggled with the sausage skin as it was a little chewy, so she passed me the piece of sausage she wanted to eat, with a “cover off”. The fact that she didn’t know the word for skin, so replaced it with the nearest thing she could think of for a layer that goes over something else was really clever, I thought. I’d be concerned that she might learn the word skin and equate it with the skin we have and realise she was perhaps eating something that was once alive, only she saw a chicken the other week, pointed and said “chicken”, then after a pause, followed it with “yummy”, so I think she’s reconciled with the fact that she’s a carnivore.

And she also made Nana laugh out loud twice today when getting out of the car. The first time, Nana got out and opened the back door to get Arwen out, to be met by a surprised “Hiya!” as though Nana was the single most surprising person Arwen could possibly have seen at that point. Then when she went to take her out of the car later on, she opened the back door and was met by Arwen saying “Boo! I hiding!” She likes hiding, but I think we might have to work on the basics of not doing it in plain sight. Especially as she often gets so excited when she’s doing it that she screams. Which is a bit of a giveaway.

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