2 years, 7 months, 6 days old

This has been a beautiful week. And by that, I mean that everything has been “beautiful” this week. On Wednesday morning, I went into the bathroom and asked Arwen to come in to go to the loo. She for once did exactly as she was told, running towards me with open arms while shouting “I GOT BEAUTIFUL LIPS!!!” I can’t argue with that. I also agreed that the cat is beautiful and the jumper she got for Christmas is beautiful (or it was until she covered it in chocolate) but I drew the line at the toilet in the library being beautiful. That simply isn’t true.

We’ve had a few instances of Arwen using words in the wrong context this week. A couple of days ago, she sat with her fists on her legs and told me to “Put them on your legs.” Not looking directly at her at the time, I asked her what I was supposed to be putting on my legs. She told me “Your fistbumps.” Apparently (though thinking about it, happily) she hasn’t heard the word “fist” in any other context, so clearly believes they’re just called “fistbumps”. She also caused mild head scratching when Nana and I were peeling oranges last week and Arwen watched us then asked “You grating eggs?” Quite how she got that confused, I’m not sure.

As ever, we’ve been talking about “what we done to our day” every night before bed, which is always entertaining but often takes quite some time as Arwen likes to comment on everything that’s happened. It sometimes takes an extra long time because when she’s tired and trying to think quickly, she stammers a little. As we were discussing what we’d had for tea on Friday night, Arwen clearly had something important to say. So I stopped as she stammered over “I… I… I… ” and waited for her to tell me whether or not she’d liked her tea, long enough to finally hear “I… I… I… I… put my hand on my bum.” I checked whether she meant she’d done that while she was eating her tea or whether she was doing it at that point (it gets very dark in her bedroom) and found out she was just telling me what she was currently up to. She also added “I swirling it around” so I got a good mental image.

This evening while discussing our day, she told me she had been playing with “the guys” at the library, having played with two boys of a similar age to her. She knows both of their names, but only referred to them as “the guys” the whole time she was talking about them. I was a little concerned about her playing though – being two, she has no concept of personal space and kept trying to hug one of “the guys” despite his clearly not wanting to be hugged. So much so that I’m concerned he may have gone home and joined the #MeToo movement.

Oh, one last thing – you know how when you type certain words on your phone, your keyboard gives you a choice of emojis you might want to use in their place? Well when you type Arwen on some phones, you get a female elf emoji. Bet your name hasn’t got a cool emoji.

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