1 year, 10 months, 29 days old

We’re a day late today, so oops for that. Anyway, this has been quite a sedate week. We’ve had a repeat performance of “bugger off”, which I’d hoped had gone for good, but other than that, Arwen (and Daddy) have been remarkably well behaved. Linguistically that is. Behaviourally Arwen’s learnt that she can shout and scream all she wants then put her hands over her eyes, which means you can’t see her so you can’t tell her off. Genius.

But we digress. Arwen’s continuing with her teacher/grown up voice now, always ready with a “careful!” if something looks precarious and now moving on to “down we go!” whenever she’s being put down, which I’m sure is supposed to be my line. She’s also doing really well with little comments and condescending looks. On Tuesday, I went to get her out of bed and the first thing she said was “bix.” So I confirmed that yes, she could have weetabix for breakfast. She immediately followed with “in bed” and when I told her that she wasn’t having breakfast in bed for reasons too numerous to mention, but mainly involving me spending the rest of the day cleaning up weetabix from her entire bedroom, she tilted her head to one side, looked up at me in that teacher-who-knows-you’re-in-the-wrong way that she’s so good at and said “come on”. And I felt about two inches tall.

She’s got a real love for going shopping at the moment for two main reasons: Tesco has free fruit for kids and there’s a checkout lady who Arwen has decided she’s best friends with. Whenever I say we’re going shopping, she immediately gets excited and shouts “shopping! APPLE!!!” which is fine, except for the fact that we go to Aldi first and only go to Tesco to get the stuff they don’t have in. (I mean, we’re not made of money!) But Aldi don’t have free fruit, and so I spend the entire time there explaining that yes, she can have an apple, but not yet. They don’t have apples in Aldi. Yes, there’s some apples on the shelf. And yes, there’s some in our trolley. But you can’t have them. Because Mummy’s mean. I have a real love/hate relationship with Tesco’s free fruit because of this. But when we get to Tesco, the relief emanating from both of us when she finally gets her mitts on an apple is palpable. It keeps her quiet until half way round the shop when she remembers that her best friend Janet works on the checkouts, and starts shouting “Janet!” somewhere around the bread aisle. And God help Mummy if Janet isn’t working that day. Then all hell breaks loose and no amount of free apples is going to fix it. That’s a chocolate buttons job at least. She was a bit confused the other day when we went to a shop and I used the self service till, as she normally says “bye bye” to whoever’s served us as we leave. She looked a bit puzzled at being unable to do it, but then decided to go with a “bye bye shopping” and all was good with the world.

Arwen’s also becoming really empathetic at the moment. We watched How To Train Your Dragon the other day, and when Toothless was chained to a boat which then caught fire, she shouted “NO!” and we had to assure her that everything would be ok in the end. I say her empathy’s improving, but in a tantrum yesterday, she hit me hard in the face and as I was holding my face saying “ow!” (it was genuinely painful!) she held her hand and told me it “hurt” and I had to “kiss it better”. So she has empathy for CGI dragons, but maybe needs to work on showing concern for Mummy.

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